Training Available through HealthyCultureNow

HealthyCultureNow provides self-paced online trainings that include videos, podcast episodes, book chapter reprints and assessments. Training is accessible via web browser and Kajabi app.

Core Course: Human Resource and Wellness Professionals

HealthyCultureNow’s Well-being Culture Coach Training teaches human resource and wellness professional to:

  1. Make the case for well-being cultures
  2. Develop leadership support
  3. Mobilize peer support
  4. Foster a health work atmosphere
  5. Develop a plan for culture change

$495 per training participant including 12 monthly Zoom sessions with training faculty and other Well-being Culture Coaches.

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Core Course: Managers and Wellness Committee Members

HealthyCultureNow leadership training empowers managers and wellness committee members to:

  1. Share the well-being vision
  2. Serve as role models
  3. Align policies and practices with well-being
  4. Use well-being to improve morale
  5. Develop a plan for their workgroup
  6. Track and celebrate success

$95 per participant.

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Core Course: Employees and other Individual VIPs

HealthyCultureNow training teaches employees and other VIP individuals to:

  1. Provide effective peer support for lifestyle change
  2. Create supportive home environments
  3. Become well-being role models
  4. Help organize well-being activities at work and in the community

$29 per participant.

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Organizations can purchase vouchers for distribution. In addition, participants can pay online via credit card or PayPal. Volume pricing for groups of 100 or more is available upon request.  

Additional Courses for Strengthening
Your Culture of Well-being

103 Manager-Led Actions for a Well Workplace

This training offers 103 field-tested management practices that foster a healthier, more cohesive, and more productive work environment. Unlike proscriptive training on leadership, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead you choose those activities that are best suited for your unique culture. Challenge yourself and your team to take a chance on something that stretches your current norms. It is likely that you will find many of these actions habit worthy. Social capital and a good work atmosphere require your creativity and attention. Your efforts can be both fun and highly rewarding.

Format. This training is delivered in 103 bite-sized audio podcast episodes. Each is delivered daily to your inbox. Episodes explain valuable well-being management techniques.

The training is based on the book 103 Challenges for Manager-Led Wellness by Judd Allen, Ph.D. and Tad Mitchell.

$39.00 USD

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How to Create a Well-being Culture in Your Home

This training is for people who share their homes. It teaches seven skills for creating a supportive cultural environment at home:

  1. Discuss Personal Well-being Goals
  2. Tell a Household Well-being Story
  3. Create a Supportive Physical Environment
  4. Adopt Healthy Norms and Traditions
  5. Create a Well-being Learning Community
  6. Strengthen Household Relationships
  7. Foster a Healthy Social Atmosphere

The training utilizes video presentations (41 minutes total) with audio podcasts (35 minutes total). The training lasts 8 weeks. Participants should budget 45 minutes each week to complete the training.  Each training unit includes a self-assessment that consolidates practical steps associated with key concepts.

This training is based on the following books by Judd Allen, PhD: Bringing Wellness Home, Kitchen Table Talks for Wellness, and A Family Guide to Wellness.

$29.00 USD

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How to Help a Co-worker, Friend or Family Member Achieve a Well-being Goal

Coworkers, family and friends are in a great position to assist each other with well-being goals. This training focuses on eight skills for effective peer support. The training format includes videos, testimonials, podcast episodes, book chapter reprints and assessments. The training is organized into eight weekly lessons and recommended peer support discussions, with a recommended commitment of one hour per week: 

  1. Establishing Confidentiality, Building Trust and Fostering Openness
  2. Defining Peer Support: What It Is and What It Is Not
  3. Determining Short and Long-term Change Goals
  4. Identifying the Best Role Models
  5. Addressing Barriers to Change
  6. Locating Supportive Environments
  7. Working through Setbacks
  8. Tracking and Celebrating Success

Training assessments track your progress in supporting your peer to achieve his or her goals.

This training is based on the book Healthy Habits, Helpful Friends by Judd Allen, PhD.

$39.00 USD

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How to Create a Great Social Climate at Work

Social climate is also known as engagement, morale and teamwork. Three climate factors ─ a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook ─ contribute to both individual well-being and to important organizational indicators such as customer service, innovation, employee engagement, and teamwork. Where they are noticeably absent and people don’t get along, well-being suffers and productivity slows. This training defines each social climate element and recommends strategies for improving the work atmosphere.

The 4-week training is delivered in a presentation video (41 minutes total), video testimonials (10 minutes total) and brief audio podcast episodes (27 minutes total). Ideally, participants will devote one hour per week to viewing/listening and to taking recommended actions. The weekly training assessments examine actions to improve your workgroup’s social climate. The assessments also help to develop a plan for strengthening the social climate.

The concepts featured in this training are based on over thirty years of research and work by Robert Allen, PhD and Judd Allen, PhD.

$95.00 USD

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How to Align Workplace Policies and Practices (aka Cultural Touch Points) with Well-being

This training is for executives, managers and members of wellness committees/task forces seeking to bring about sustained culture change within their organizations. Many formal and informal policies and practices, also known as "cultural touch point," influence well-being values and behavior. Rewards, training and communication are some of the most obvious cultural touch points. This training introduces 14 primary cultural touch points and recommends strategies for aligning them with well-being.  The training begins with a 30 minute video presentation delivered by Richard Safeer, MD, Gillian Pieper, MS and Judd Allen, PhD. A second video features testimonials by executives and managers about cultural touch points. Fourteen brief podcast episodes highlighting touch points are delivered through a weekly email.  Each of the 14 training units includes a self-assessment useful for planning and evaluating efforts to work with touch points. 

$49.00 USD

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26 Great Workplace Strategies for Supporting Personal Purpose

We want our lives to matter. Our purposes include such endeavors as artistic expression, connecting to social groups, work, volunteering, religion and family. A sense of personal purpose is important to both individual health and to work performance. This training features 26 field-tested initiatives that have been used by organizations to support a sense of purpose. You can select those approaches to purpose that are well suited to your workgroup.

The training begins with a 15 minute video that reviews key ideas and the evidence for the importance of purpose to health and productivity. The presentation is delivered by Judd Allen, Ph.D., Richard Safeer, MD and Gillian Pieper, MS. The training also includes 26 podcast episodes, delivered one per day to your inbox. Each describes an opportunity to support purpose at work. The goal is to select a few actions that are a good fit for your workgroup. The final self-assessment evaluates your efforts to support purpose.  

These 26 field-tested initiatives for supporting a sense of purpose first appeared in the book Leading for Purpose: How to Help Your People and Organization Benefit from the Pursuit of Purpose, by Judd Allen, Ph.D. and Donald B. Ardell, Ph.D.

$39.00 USD

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