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Judd Allen, PhD & Richard Safeer, MD


In this tight labor market, your organization’s success, and very survival depends upon a culture that supports healthy, happy and productive employees. Your organization needs employees and their dependents to stay fit, eat well, maintain mental health, manage chronic conditions, and follow-though on good medical advice. This requires a culture of well-being where such behaviors and attitudes are baked into “the way we do things around here.”

More than a dozen culture change courses are now available with live instructors, via Zoom, and in an online self-paced course format.

Everyone has a role in fostering a culture of well-being. We provide training  for (1) human resource and wellness professionals, (2) managers, and (3) employees and other individual VIPs. Our training faculty (Judd Allen, PhD, Richard Safeer, MD and Gillian Pieper, MS) are culture change experts. Both Richard and Gillian have generously volunteered their time because of their passion for the culture approach and their interest in learning more about how to implement this work in their organizations. Over the past thirty plus years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies, universities, health care institutions, community organizations and government agencies to bring about lasting and positive culture change. We’ve literally written books on the subject.

You can deliver our proven culture change strategies within your organization or client network. Learn how to start building your culture of well-being right now by taking the Well-being Culture Coach Training and CHES/MCHES Certification. This five-week training will empower you to plan and manage your organization’s efforts. You will also learn about HealthyCultureNow training that is available to managers and employees. 

We Empower You and Your Organization to Create Cultures of Well-being

Cultures and subcultures are complex webs of social influences on peoples' attitudes and behavior. Without cultural support, few people are able to fully achieve their psychological, physical and social well-being goals. Most people quickly revert back to their prior unhealthy practices. Your organization’s well-being initiatives are unlikely to succeed unless a culture of well-being is created.

HealthyCultureNow delivers the online training needed to build and maintain high levels of cultural support.

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